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Lava Lamp - Lavender + Blueberry Tea

Lava Lamp - Lavender + Blueberry Tea

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Teapsy is a London based independent eco friendly tea brand, founded & run by Jakub & Martyna! They create these delicious tea blends, 15 eco friendly bags in super cute boxes with bold & funky unique artwork with their motto being 'No more boring tea!'

Lava Lamp blend - Lavender & Blueberries

Makes you feel like you're inside of a Lava Lamp! It's sweet, delicate and very blueberry. You might be surprised how balanced it is. Inspired by water beds, cool music and good sleep. If Lava Lamps had a flavour - that would be it. (Absolutely Delicious)

  • Recyclable cardboard box outer
  • Inner pouch is made from Cellulose, a strong food-grade material that will quickly degrade both in commercial and household environment. Put it in your compost bin or just simply general waste.
  • Tea bags are made of Soilon - a type of bioplastic derived from corn starch. It's biodegradable so you can put it in your general food waste. 

Why we love this brand!

We're here to bring some sparkles and glitter into your daily routine! We want to make your cupboard magic and your face smiley. We bet you're already excited!
We hate boredom, so each of our blends discovers something completely new - natural phenomenas, situations, feelings - so you can enjoy those again or experience them for the first time with us! No More Boring Tea - Jakub & Martyna

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