Our Coffee Ethos


Our Commitment To High Quality & Ethical Coffee

We are committed to great coffee and we put a whole lot of effort into making sure we serve the best coffee we can at Bloom & Brew including regular training and education from our house roasters from Liverpool, Neighbourhood Coffee. We only work with ethical roasters that share our values of fair pay and traceability as well as serving it in a way that has minimal impact on our planet so you can sip guilt-free!

What Coffee Do We Serve?

We serve speciality coffee from Liverpool's finest roaster Neighbourhood Coffee. They are coffee experts who have strong and long standing relationships over many years with their growers who are paid fairly and make sure the beans are grown sustainably. It’s one of the reasons why they won’t sell cheap coffee from unknown provenances – they are firm believers that the hard work that producers put in should be well rewarded, as it should be. All their coffee is 100% Aribica and speciality grade, roasted to a medium roast profile so you can taste all the complex flavours in the cup. 

Do You Sell Brewing Equipment?

Yes, we sell Aeropress, Origami drippers and holders, Hario v60 papers and aeropress filters subject to availability. (Also lots of lovely handmade cups and mugs!)

Do You Sell Coffee Beans?

Yep! We will always have a variety of Neighbourhood Coffee retail packs in whole bean or filter including the bean that we will be using in our hopper at the time.

Do You Sell Coffee From Other Roasters?

Yes, we rotate guest roasts in our hopper from time to time and always have different guest roast bags of beans and filter available to buy. So far, we have had Liverpool Roasters Bean Coffee, Crosby Coffee & 92 Degrees on our shelves as well as Bristol based kick-ass roasters Girls Who Grind Coffee and Hackney's Dark Arts Coffee. Keep your eyes peeled for our rotating guest roasters!


What Alt Milk Do You Use?

80% of our customers here choose alt milk for their coffees so we made sure we chose the best one! We use London's Minor Figures oat milk as our alt-milk in store which is made from high quality natural ingredients with no added sugar. Oat milk is one of the most sustainably and planet friendly of all the dairy alternatives and we purchase it in a 10 litre bag in box format, that are recycled after use, meaning that we operate a totally closed loop system with no waste. You can also bring your own bottle and get oat milk refills from us, wahoo!

From their background in specialty coffee, they developed an Oat Milk for baristas. Their goal is not to compromise the fidelity of your coffee in the cup. Add to any roast profile or origin, and experience the truest characteristics of your espresso shot, while adding natural sweetness, density, balance, and silky micro-foam when we steam it. Minor Figures are also carbon negative and b-corp which is another reason why we love them and their minimal impact on the environment!

Can I Get A Dairy Milk Coffee?

Sure, we use a local dairy in Ormskirk who also provide us with 10 litre bag in box solutions so we can cater for people who prefer dairy in their drinks.

Keeping Our Coffee Low Waste!

As well as having recyclable bag in box solutions for our milk and sustainably grown, locally roasted coffee, we make sure that our coffee is served in a low waste manner with as minimal environmental impact as possible. Let's face it, as a coffee shop, packaging is unavoidable but we have spent a long time researching the BEST way we can be as sustainable as possible!

We absolutely encourage our customers to bring their reusable cups, which we also sell and offer a 10% discount when you use your own cup, which many of our customers do.

If a customer needs a takeout cup for their dink, we choose to use London brand Decent Packaging, who manufacture our coffee cups, lids, cuffs which are all made from plants instead of oil-based plastics like most disposable cups and are totally compostable. The essential concept at the heart of Decent Packaging is to ensure they can unmake everything they make. Our cake boxes are also made from plants and our Bloom & Brew coffee cup stamp is soy ink. We invest in the most planet-friendly solutions, while these come at more of a premium price, we are confident that they are the best solution for our coffee and cakes. You can find more information on the materials below :)