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Chimac Korean Hot Sauce

Chimac Korean Hot Sauce

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The perfect addition to your pantry or gift for your foodie pals! We love this hot sauce & find it's the perfect dipping sauce fried chicken, as well as marinading - it really does go with so much!
  • Handmade by independent family business, 'Chimac' in Dublin
  • Created with the highest quality ingredients, made to an authentic Korean recipe
  • A traditional recipe perfect for Korean fried chicken or any savoury meal
  • Made with gochujang, vinegar, spices and a whole lot of love
  • A not-too-hot hot sauce with traditional ingredients for an unmistakably tangy, funky flavour with just the right amount of heat
  • Perfect for marinating meats, spicing up rice bowls, eggs and sandwiches

350ml glass bottle. Vegetarian, Dairy Free, Palm Oil Free.


Ingredients; Gochujang [Corn Syrup, Red Pepper Seasoning Red Pepper Powder, Water, Salt, Onion, Garlic, Rice, Water, Sea Salt, Red Pepper Powder, Grain Alcohol, Soybean, Salt, Soybean Powder Soy, Glutinous Rice, Rice Flour, Koji (Barley)], Honey, Rice Wine Vinegar [ Water, Glutinous Rice, Salt], Soy Sauce (Wheat), Cider Vinegar, Water, Garlic.

About The Makers

"It all started back in 2016. We took a trip to Seoul and fell head over heels in love with Korean fried chicken. We became obsessed, frying chicken day and night in our small galley kitchen in Dublin 8. The result was something very special - clothes and hair that smelt constantly of stale oil, plus the menu for Chimac. Inspired by Korea’s love affair with fried chicken, Chimac combines our obsession with bold punchy flavours, craft beer and the sauciest sauce possible, all served with a little sprinkle of magic."

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