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Biodegradable Festival Glitter Pouch

Biodegradable Festival Glitter Pouch

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The only glitter you'll need for festival season!

Glitter - but make it planet friendly! Our biodegradable glitter is the best alternative to traditional plastic-based glitter, because no one likes microplastics. As this is plant based, cosmetic grade and cruelty free, it really is the only glitter you'll ever need, coming in 5 unique shade mixes.

Perfect for festival makeup/hair/events and even using for crafts.

We personally use it every festival season when doing festival makeup for ourselves and our mates- its super reflective, stays on all day with a few dabs of aloe vera gel and is non-irritant, whats not to love?

Sold in handy 5 g paper pouches (which is a generous amount of glitter!)

Skin application; To keep it natural, use a tiny amount of aloe vera gel, dab onto skin then use a brush or a clean finger to gently apply glitter to desired area

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