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100% Natural Yak Chews

100% Natural Yak Chews

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Yakity Yak dog chews are hand crafted from a blend of 100% Yaks/cows milk with a little lime and salt and then smoked to form a hard, tasty, cheesy chew. The Himalayan people (and their dogs!) have been enjoying these tasty snack chews for generations.

Every dog has a natural need to chew. This often starts when they are puppies, and progresses to chewing our table legs and shoes! Chewing gives natural dental care and occupies the dog.

From the heart of the Himalayan Mountains, these Yak chews are great for giving your dog something tasty and robust to chew.  When the chew gets too small for your dog, just pop it in the microwave and puff it up for a tasty snack!

No artificial colours, preservatives or flavours, just 100% tasty goodness!

  • Preservative and gluten free

  • Rich in protein and calcium

  • Low in fat

  • Robust and long lasting

  • Great for dental hygiene.

Composition: Yak and Cow milk (99.9%), Lime Juice, Salt.

Medium 75g / Large 145g

Why we love this brand!

"We are all about natural, healthy products you can trust, with good, wholesome, honest ingredients. Our reputation is built on these values. We don’t use fillers, bulkers or cheap ingredients just to make our treats look good. We only use the good stuff, so we don’t have to pretend our stuff is good, because it really is good...Yay! In today's world where our health and what we eat is of utmost importance, what we feed our pets is just as important. Our mission is to bring truly healthy and sustainable, chews, treats and meals, to pets across our fair land and beyond!" - Green & Wilds

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