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Jungle Culture

Razor Blade Disposal Tin

Razor Blade Disposal Tin

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Our razor blade bank will blend seamlessly into any bathroom, bedroom or salon environment and can comfortably store up to 100 used safety razor blades. Built to last, our sturdy little razor blade recycling containers can withstand drops onto hard tiled floors, making storing your used blades safe, especially if there are children in the house. 

Designed for the safe disposal of safety razor blades, like the ones that are used with our Jungle Culture metal razors.


From The Makers:  "As a nomadic business, we straddle East and West. Our Headquarters is in Britain, but we continue to make regular visits to our partner farms, factories and craft workshops in Asia. This way we are able to guarantee fair treatment of workers, high-quality production standards and 100% organic manufacturing. Nothing is imported, nothing puts a strain on the planet, and every sale benefits local communities. Jungle Culture is all about human culture. From the farmers and artisans we work with in rural Vietnam, to the restaurants, independent brands, shops and customers we serve. We put as much care into forging a unity with our tribe of partners as we do creating our products.We are still explorers at heart, and the journey of Jungle Culture is as organic as our products. Just like bamboo shoots, our beliefs continue to grow and lead us to harvest new ideas. The thing about adopting a sustainable life is that it's never too late to begin"- Jungle Cultur

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