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Muse Natural Incense Box in Jasmine

Muse Natural Incense Box in Jasmine

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Take a moment to unwind with Muse Incense...

The sweet scent of Jasmine is known to help alleviate stress and anxiety, helping the body to unwind...

  • 30 x 6” incense sticks per box with an approx burn time of 25-30 minutes per stick
  • Made with natural ingredients and scented with essential oils
  • Presented in a pink & orange box with magnetic closure
  • Ethically made in India, non-toxic, cruelty-free & naturally scents
  • Colours of sticks may slightly vary due to the incense being made in batches

Why we love this brand!

"Muse began when I realised how much incense was a part of my daily ritual. From meditating, cleaning or taking time for a cup of tea I always enjoyed lighting an incense and taking a moment. I wanted to bring that small ritual to more people’s homes. A time to be thoughtful, focussed or inspired.It was when my mum became poorly that I realised how bad for you a lot of incense can be. So I began to look into natural incense. I then worked on having beautifully fragranced incense that is made from natural ingredients and scented with essential oils, so they truly help you to unwind.In a time when self love is more important than ever, I wanted to share something that felt like a treat but a treat for every day" - Nisha

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