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Bloom France

Handmade Incense Box by Bloom - Tangerine & Sandalwood

Handmade Incense Box by Bloom - Tangerine & Sandalwood

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Why switch to natural incense?

Cheap incense sticks are often made of many ingredients mixed with binders/glue and dipped in artificial perfumes and scents, both of which often contains toxic chemicals which are released into the air when the sticks are burnt. This can trigger health issues such as; headaches, nose irritation, respiratory issues, heavy breathing as well as the negative impact on our environment. Cheap incense sticks are seldom ethical, they are known to be made in very hot, small, dusty and unsafe safe working environments. Toxic ingredients without proper protection for workers just isn't a practice that should be allowed.

We choose to only stock the best, healthiest and 100% toxin free Incense. No dyes, artificial chemical binders, synthetic perfume or animal fats used!

These sets are handmade by a small french group of makers called Bloom. Handmade with only 6 raw ingredients, they make their incense sticks in their studio near the Pyrenees. They pride themselves on creating high quality, beautiful scent blends that enhance your mood and don't cost your health. They also hand make concrete incense holders which are all hand pigmented, poured sanded and finished, making the perfect holder base for their sticks.

Uniquely, each incense blend has top, middle and base notes. This box is the Bubble Shell blend which is Tangerine, Nutmeg and Sandalwood.

This set comes in a beautiful ombre pastel coloured magnetic clasp card box and contains 1 x marbled multi colour handmade incense holder and 1 x box of 40 handmade natural incense sticks. Each stick typically lasts 1 hour.  All incense sticks and holders will vary in shades/patterns due to the handmade process, this is completely natural.


 Why we love this brand!

Bloom is the first brand of French incense which is 100% natural and completely handmade from scratch. Created by friends Yon, Hugo & Alexis in 2021, the trio started Bloom because they wanted to make a non-toxic, healthy brand of incense for people to enjoy without harming their health. They now make their own blends from raw materials, each blend is made from only 6 100% natural ingredients: wood, fruits, spices, plants, flowers... no need for more! Their incense holders are all hand-pigmented, poured, sanded and finished by hand using concrete. We love their initiative and the scent blends are totally unique and unlike anything we have smelt before!

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