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Neighbourhood Coffee

(I Can't Get No) Caffeination Decaf by Neighbourhood

(I Can't Get No) Caffeination Decaf by Neighbourhood

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This is so good you’ll struggle to know it’s a decaf. The ethyl acetate decaf process, combined with great local varietals, and great farmers around the small town of Caldono means this multi-award-winning coffee is delicious for all-day drinking, and all-night too.

"Decaf is no longer a dirty word. It never should have been. For those who are less tolerant of caffeine, or who prefer not to drink it, decaf was always an afterthought. Not anymore.

The introduction of a new way of decaffeination, the ethyl acetate method, means that the hard work of farmers can be tasted in your cup, and not lost in the process of removing caffeine. Ethyl acetate is a by-product of sugar product, and it just so happens to be brilliant at grabbing caffeine molecules out of green coffee beans." - Neighbourhood Coffee


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