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Ceramic Origami Dripper (Various Colours)

Ceramic Origami Dripper (Various Colours)

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Made of minoware clay, the Origami Dripper carries 400 years of history of minoware production of the Gifu region, famous for its washi paper and pottery.
Minoware is a ceramic-making technique some 400-500 years old and only a few dozen artisans left in Japan still know the craft. By purchasing an Origami Dripper, you are bringing this rich tradition into your coffee brewing routine.

Made with high density clay, the Origami has excellent heat retaining properties. When used with the conical filter, the 20 folds encourages faster brew time by enabling faster airflow. When used with a wave style filter, it can be used as a flatbed brewer.

This elegantly shaped Origami Dripper comes in various colors in a size M
◦ The medium size dripper is suitable for 1-4 cup brew
◦ 20-fold design fits with original Origami conical filters, Kalita Wave, or V60 paper filters. However, we recommend using conical filters for better air-flow
◦ Ceramic material made with Mino porcelain, with excellent heat retaining properties
◦ Elegantly shaped
◦ Conical shape fit with most pour-over holders stands

This listing is for one medium size ORIGAMI Dripper with box. We recommend using with the acacia wooden dripper holder for stabilisation, this can be purchased separately.

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