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Mersey Wax Wraps

Mersey Wax Wraps - Small Pack

Mersey Wax Wraps - Small Pack

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A natural, reusable, eco friendly & more economical alternative to cling film! 

Wrap, wash and repeat up to 300 times! Use to cover bowls of food in your fridge, to wrap cheeses, bread, sandwiches etc. Ditch your plastic wrap and use our organic wax wraps made locally by Lisa of the small family business Mersey Wax Wraps. These wraps are prepared with beeswax, as it has natural antibacterial properties. Made with organic cotton, low impact dyes, organic beeswax and organic jojoba oil.

Small pack of 3;

  • 1 x 15x15cm
  • 1 x 20x20cm
  • 1 x 23x23cm

- Warm up the wrap in your hands before moulding it over foods, bowls etc.
- Clean your wrap with cool water and soap, keep away from heat and warm water to avoid wax melting
- Once the wrap has been washed, let it air dry and then it's ready to be stored or used again
-Avoid directly wrapping raw meat or raw fish or wrapping hot bowls (wax will melt)
-Wraps will slowly start to break down or flake after plenty of use, this is normal. You can place your beeswax wrap in the oven for 2-3 minutes (at 140° on a baking sheet) which will help the wax remelt onto the fabric

Why We Love This Brand!

Mersey Wax Wraps is a small family business run by Lisa King. She started Mersey Wax Wraps with the aim to help others reduce their plastic consumption. A great eco friendly staple, all her Wax Food Wraps are organic. By choosing quality organic products, we can be confident from field to home, their products are planet friendly and sustainable.

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