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'Broca' Recycled Soap Dish

'Broca' Recycled Soap Dish

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We are proud to showcase  Müll's awesome examples of innovative design and repurposing waste materials! These soap dishes are made from a plastic blend, mainly from Broca Cafe, which is based here in South East London.  You'll be able to see the milk bottle cap colours coming through with the blue and green being some of the most prominent colours. 
Each soap dish is the equivalent to approximately 2 large milk bottles and the lids worth of plastic.
Whilst the Zig Zag is stunning, it was chosen for practical reasons. This shape will hold your soap above the draining water, keeping it as dry as possible, and ensuring your soap lasts. Due to the handmade process, every soap dish will have a totally unique pattern, the colour palette will be as pictured.


 Why we love this brand!

"Combined with our South East London refill shop, we are on a mission to reduce our plastic consumption and recycle those unavoidable plastics; creating the first community recycling and refill system of this kind. The plan is to collect London’s waste and transform it into beautiful, useful objects. Most of the UK’s plastic waste ends up travelling all over the world, with 2/3 of our plastic ending up in Asia and Europe.It’s estimated that 40% of our plastic waste ends up in landfill, 32% ends up polluting the environment, 14% is incinerated, with only 14% entering the recycling system.According to Vox, BP expects plastics to represent 95% of the net growth in demand for oil from 2020 to 2040. According to CNBC In 2020 Petrochemicals comprised 13% of ExxonMobile’s annual income, 6.5% of Shell’s, the polluting fossil fuel industry is counting on our reliance on plastic to grow. Breaking the demand for new plastic is essential to tackling climate change, and the fossil fuel industry.Together we can create our own change, our own form of activism." - Charlie, Owner 

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