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Neighbourhood Coffee

Last Night A Decaf Saved My Life - Filter

Last Night A Decaf Saved My Life - Filter

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The newest decaf coffee special, from our local Liverpool house roasters, Neighbourhood Coffee!

From Minas Gerais, the coffee capital of Brazil. Last Night a Decaf Saved My Life is packed full of chocolatey goodness, but with none of the caffeine!


" ‘Death before decaf?’ It’s more like ‘decaf ’til we die’. Here at Neighbourhood Coffee, we see no shame in opting for a decaf. Especially when you’re not compromising on flavour or body – which this decaf has oodles of. Hailing from Sul de Minas in Minas Gerais, Brazil, this coffee is full of rich milk chocolate flavour. It’s a regional blend of natural and pulp natural processed coffee, which has been expertly curated by quality analysts in their Patrocinio lab. The resulting flavour is full-on chocolate. A liquid millionaire’s shortbread. It’s rich and chocolatey, with a soft butter caramel sweetness and biscuity body. We love it on espresso, but it works well on filter, AeroPress and cafetiere too." - Neighbourhood Coffee

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