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Hard Lines

Hard Lines Coffee - El Nogal - Beans

Hard Lines Coffee - El Nogal - Beans

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Hard Lines are our first guest roaster of 2024, fine speciality coffee from Wales!

"This Guatamalen Coffee roasted in Cardiff by Hard Lines comes from Huehuetenango, a very productive coffee producing region on the Mexican border. The producers who contribute to this sweet and chocolatey washed brew have small scale farms that are rich in biodiversity, but low in yield. Many farmers in Central America therefore benefit from the training and market stability that working with green bean exporters like Caravela can offer them.
We benefit too of course, getting to try great all-day sippers like this one, that leaves a honey sweetness coating the mouth."

Origin: Guatamala

Region: Huehuetenango

Process: Washed

Tastes like: Milk chocolate, honey, toffee

Best for: Espresso, AeroPress, Cafetiere

Bean or ground: Whole beans

250g bag

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