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Bloom France

Bloom Handmade Incense Holder - Pink Marble

Bloom Handmade Incense Holder - Pink Marble

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Handmade concrete incense holder, crafted by the small team from Bloom, in the Pyrenees, France. All incense holders are hand pigmented, poured, sanded and finished, making the perfect holder for their natural incense sticks and made to last.

Due to their handmade nature, the patterns and shades will vary from the photos as they are all unique pieces. Small air bubbles are also natural in this material.

Why we love this brand!

Bloom is the first brand of French incense which is 100% natural and completely handmade from scratch. Created by friends Yon, Hugo & Alexis in 2021, the trio started Bloom because they wanted to make a non-toxic, healthy brand of incense for people to enjoy without harming their health. They now make their own blends from raw materials, each blend is made from only 6 100% natural ingredients: wood, fruits, spices, plants, flowers... no need for more! Their incense holders are all hand-pigmented, poured, sanded and finished by hand using concrete. We love their initiative and the scent blends are totally unique and unlike anything we have smelt before!

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