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Lemongrass Solid Dish Soap & Coconut Rest

Lemongrass Solid Dish Soap & Coconut Rest

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Try out our solid washing up block from Ecojiko! Lemongrass dish soap block with coconut rest soap saver. Simply wet your scrubber or sponge and lather against the block then you're ready to clean! 

The coconut rest is made from natural coconut fibres and will lengthen the life of your soap. It will also help your soap to dry out and will stop it from looking sludgy on your sink! The Soap Rest also doubles up as a scouring pad to scrub your pans.

1 x Lemongrass dish soap (coconut oil based)

1 x Coconut coir soap saver (bonded with natural biodegradable rubber)

Why do we love this product?
- Vegan
- Fresh Zingy Scent
- Produces Good Lather
- Made in the UK
- Borax and Palm Oil Free
- Coconut Oil Based
- Septic Tank Friendly
- Naturally Antiseptic

From The Makers: "We are a small family business living in the countryside of northern England. We love nothing more than roaming through fields, foraging, muddying our boots and cooking for our friends and family. Influenced by our love of nature, we wanted to create a range of everyday products that were both natural and gorgeous to look at. We became tired with the constant use of plastic in the home, the endless non-recyclable waste it produces and its negative effects on the environment. And so, ecojiko was born. We guarantee that only natural fibres and materials are used so that you can trust that your ecojiko purchase is biodegradable or recyclable, environmentally friendly and of the highest quality." - Katy, Founder, Ecojiko

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