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Floral Reusable Wax Wraps (3 pack)

Floral Reusable Wax Wraps (3 pack)

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Handmade pack of 2 hand-cut, waxed reusable wraps. A sustainable alternative to cling film for wrapping food, cheese, bread, sandwiched, covering bowls etc. Reuse me again and again! Handmade by Michelle & Andrew in their little East London studio.

Each set includes three wraps in the patterns pictured: 1 large (30x30cm/12in), 1 medium (25x25cm/10in), 1 small (20x20cm/8in).

  • No pine resin used (an allergen)
  • Reuse again & again, lasting up to 1 year at least
  • 100% handmade – hand-cut, waxed, folded & packed by Michelle & Andrew, not a factory!
  • One of the very few makers whose wraps are Certified Food Safe 
  • Completely plastic-free
  • Made from: - OEKO-TEX 100 certified cotton - Certified beeswax - Grade A damar resin - Extra Virgin Olive Oil

About The Makers

"We are Michele and Andrew, the husband-and-wife team who started our business in 2020 and we’ve been happily covered in wax ever since. Our wraps are truly hand-made from start to finish in our little studio – no cutting presses, commercial wax cookers or conveyor belts for us! Andrew measures and cuts every square of fabric and Michele cooks up the wax mixture, paints it on each wrap, then folds, labels and packs them up, ready for their new homes. Our beeswax wraps are some of the only ones in the market to be independently tested and certified food safe, so you know that our wax mixture does not come off on food, and there are no harmful chemicals or substances. We're passionate about sustainability. We use 100% green electricity, biodegradable/compostable packaging, and have completed a sustainability audit to see where we're doing well and where we can go further."

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