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Natural Cork Trivet

Natural Cork Trivet

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LIGA's Natural Cork Collection is smoked with light ink to enhance the natural patterns of the cork. This trivet is perfect for resting pans and oven dishes on in the kitchen.
Every mat is unique and a blend of different patterns. D25 cm Thickness 2 cm

Sustainable Materials

Cork is harvested naturally without harming the tree. It continues to absorb C02 as a LIGA product. 

According to a study conducted by a team of researchers from the Forest Research Centre at the University of Lisbon, just one cork wine stopper can absorb up to 112g of C02. LIGA's cork is harvested naturally by hand every nine years without harming the tree. Cork Oak Trees have a long life and give vital support and shelter to many birds, animals, flora and fauna living in the forests.

"LIGA is a family business passionate about what we do - drawing inspiration from nature to design eco homewares for everyday living, using only sustainable materials. We use beautiful materials such as ethically sourced cork, organic unbleached cotton, recycled papers, vegan wax, compostable cloth, bamboo, recycled EVA plastics and ceramics to create our sustainable collections. Whilst we source our materials from around the world, the magic happens in Cornwall with screen printing and finishing of many of the products. At LIGA we are committed and passionate about using sustainable materials in creative ways to make eco products affordable and useable for everyday living." - Jennie & David + all of the LIGA team

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