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Pipa & Happy

Handcrafted Coral Mug

Handcrafted Coral Mug

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This stunning mug belongs to Pipa & Happy's Sea And Sun summer collection.

"Sea and sun is a very special collection for us, it transports us to one of the places we love most, the sea, and in it we are inspired to create its unique shapes and colours"

Approx capacity 300ml. Hand washing recommended.

Each piece is lovingly handmade in small batches in Celia & Rocio's Spanish studio. Each piece takes around 3 weeks to create. The handmade nature of this pottery means that each  piece is totally unique and different, there will be tiny variations in textures, colours and shapes which only adds to the character of the pieces.

About The Makers

Pipa and Happy is a handmade ceramic brand founded by best friends and designers Celia & Rocío in Almansa, Spain. This project was born out of the desire to create functional, handmade products with a lot of love. Each ceramic piece is moulded with high quality Spanish clay. They make each piece by hand in their small workshop, after moulding them, they let them dry slowly for several days before they go in the oven. When they come out it's time to paint, glaze and return to the oven. It is a slow process that means that each piece has a manufacturing process of around 3 weeks.

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