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Conbini Sunday Sauce

Conbini Sunday Sauce

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Somewhere between Teriyaki and Tonkatsu sauce. The kind of sauce you’d use on a lazy Sunday when you just throw a few bits together. It’s sweet, umami, tangy and goes great with just about everything.

Shiba-San says: “Use me in stir fries, sausage sandwiches or to amp up the flavour of savoury dishes”

  • Easily add to simple dishes (upon noodles or a sausage bap), or stir fries
  • Inspired by Japan, handmade in Ireland
  • All Natural 100% Vegan recipe 
  • Packaged in glass recyclable bottles

About The Makers

"Conbini was founded by Holly Dalton, a chef with over 15 years of professional kitchen experience and a lifelong love of Japan. Conbini is built upon the Japanese concept of yōshoku (洋食, western food) referring to a style of Western-influenced cooking which originated during the Meiji Restoration.

Our namesake comes from Japanese Convenience Stores or konbini (コンビニ). These monuments to convenience have left an indelible impact on Japanese food and culture.

Conbini is all about making Japanese inspired pantry staples that would be welcome on any table. Our condiments provide a convenient flavour boost whenever you need it. Get used to having these guys in your kitchen!"

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