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Chunks Checkered Hair Claw Green

Chunks Checkered Hair Claw Green

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Handmade by the female-owned brand Chunks in Seattle, elevate your hair accessory game with our collection of their funky hair claws, slides and clips. Instead of cheaply made petroleum based plastic hair clips, these are all skilfully and ethically made by their team in Jinhua from plant based acetate. Designed to look good, make you feel good & and do good for the planet!

3.5" long

Why we love this brand!

Chunks was started by artist Tiffany in 2019 in Seattle, USA out of her basement and has since grown into an all- female team with a specific product aesthetic of funky eco friendly hair clips. Chunks mission is being committed to manufacturing transparency and dispelling the negative stereotypes around “made in China”. All their clips are proudly and responsibly made in Jinhua, China. They are committed to using high quality plant based acetate over conventional petroleum based plastics and minimising waste in their production process. They became Climate Neutral certified in October 2022 and are constantly finding every way they can to leave the world better than they found it.

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