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Hard Lines

Hard Lines Coffee - Burtukkaana Siko - Beans

Hard Lines Coffee - Burtukkaana Siko - Beans

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Hard Lines are our first guest roaster of 2024, fine speciality coffee from Wales!

"Summer might feel like a distance memory but these new Ethiopian beans roasted by Hard Lines in Cardiff are a real taste of the tropics. This coffee gets its name from the Oromiffa word Burtukaana, meaning ‘orange’ which is used to group Ethiopian coffees with jammy, fermented fruit flavour notes.

The Guji zone of the country is famed for fruity flavour bombs, and especially for richly bodied naturals like this one processed at the Siko Washing Station in Uraga. This lot pulls from smallholder farms located at a lofty 2000MASL, where heirloom varieties are grown in highly fertile red soils under constant sunlight. This is a really special coffee that won't hang around long."

Origin: Ethiopa

Region: Uraga

Process: Washed

Tastes like: Tropical Fruit, strawberry jam + plum

Best for: AeroPress, Cafetiere, V60

Bean or ground: Whole beans

250g bag

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