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Cocobol London

Hand Painted & Lacquered Coconut Bowl

Hand Painted & Lacquered Coconut Bowl

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This all-natural coconut bowl is sanded smooth on the outside with a blue or pink lacquer interior. Each Coconut bowl is saving a shell from being burnt, they are made in Vietnam and all unique- hand painted and polished by local artisans and fitting perfectly in your kitchen for your morning smoothie bowls or making a beautiful gift.

Each bowl comes wrapped in tissue with a Cocobol sticker

Why do we love this product?

Every year billions of coconuts are harvested for their milk, coconut meat and water with the outer shells being discarded as waste. These shells are then burned releasing harmful gases into the atmosphere. At Cocobol they take the shells that would usually be discarded as waste and turn them into beautiful bowls. The bowls are sanded smooth and then the interiors are either left natural or hand painted in beautiful colours and designs.

From the makers: "The bowls are perfect for anything from açai bowls to soups and salads, to storing trinkets around your home. Not only do the bowls look beautiful but we create products with a purpose that are doing good both for people and the planet. Our values of health, sustainability and community are a fundamental part of everything that we do" - Ellie, Founder, Cocobol London

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